Cinema: should we go to "The embarrassment of choice"?

Just a year ago, Return to my mother, in which Alexandra Lamy was forced to live again at home, posted a very good score at the French box office by bringing together nearly 2.2 million viewers. Delighted with their first collaboration, the actress and her director Eric Lavaine decided to work together again on L'Embarras du choix, a romantic comedy about an indecisive woman.

Cinema: we saw for you "The singer of Gaza"

Mohammed, a Palestinian boy raised in a refugee camp in Gaza, dreams of becoming a singer. With his sister and his two best friends, he performs at local weddings, hoping that his lucky star will smile at him. Also, despite the risks involved, he decided at the age of 25 to join Egypt to participate in the casting hook-TV Arab Idol, Arabic version of the New Star.