Twitter: how does it work?

Politicians, writers, teachers, scientists, teenagers ... they are now millions to use the social network Twitter to exchange and learn. Why not join this international conversation? By following the people who intervene on your favorite topics, you will create a flow of personalized information to always be at the forefront of the news.

My cell phone has almost no battery, what to do?

Are you waiting for a very important phone call and your phone is starting to show signs of weakness? Do not panic: by changing some settings, you can keep your mobile longer, while remaining reachable. Start by reducing as much as possible the brightness of the screen, a real energy chasm.

Serengo and 13 other magazines in your mobile!

And if we delivered you every day the best of Serengo, Here, Current Woman, Prima and I'm interested? No, you're not dreaming: not only is it possible, but it does not cost anything thanks to Infonity, the new smartphone app launched yesterday. Just download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

4 technological marvels that simplify our lives

69% of people over 55 have a device connected to their home, according to a recent TNS Sofres poll for the Cogedim Club. Computer, smartphone and / or tablet ... The silver surfers, this generation of seniors addicted to the Internet and new technologies, have almost nothing to envy to their grandchildren.

A new service to connect seniors

Senior Surfer? No, this is not a pensioner's club that rolls on the rolls of the Basque Country but a service for the elderly to fight against isolation 2.0. It's a reality: five million people do not have a smartphone, and seven million sixty-plus do not have an Internet connection.

Why our grandchildren love Snapchat

Everyone goes there. Even François Hollande and the European Parliament! This mobile phone app, available on iTunes or Google Play, has 200 million followers worldwide. How it works ? We take a snapshot, we add a comment or a drawing and we send it to one or several recipients of his choice.

My computer rowing, I have to buy one?

For some time, your computer has been exasperatingly slow? This does not necessarily mean that it is good to throw. Especially if he's only two or three years old. In some cases, some simple manipulations were enough to give back to your machine. First thing to do: back up your important files (on a USB key for example, or in the cloud).

Animate his signature, too easy!

You necessarily know them, these small formats of images that come alive. Stars of the 1990s, we find the "gif" (name of the file extension) in many exchanges on the Web. Especially on the forums, where users use these energetic avatars to identify themselves or indicate their mood.

How to find an info quickly on Google?

Your search on Google did not bring you the expected info? To begin, make sure you have used the right keywords ("headache" is more effective than "I have a headache"). If that is not enough, several tools will help you refine your search. Want to know the latest facts and actions of your favorite actor?

Become an ace of botany thanks to the internet!

You do not know the difference between a tulip and an onion? The "botanical MOOC" is for you. The MOOC is a free course on the internet and open to all for a limited period of time. These are often very specialized areas of knowledge. Not this time: the proposed course consists of an introduction to get to know the plants, intended for the general public, professionals who need to acquire some concepts (those working in the environment, beekeeping, etc.), to primary or secondary school teachers or students who want to acquire a foundation in botany, "says Tela Botanica association which organizes the whole affair.

A librarian at your service

"I'm looking for a novel that is happening in Australia, a journalist gets caught by a woman with whom he has to get married", "Where can I find books or references about Baz Luhrmann's cinema?", "A borrowing agency can he deliver a credit to a couple without the two people being present?

How to install a nice wallpaper?

The wallpaper is the background image of the desktop of your computer. By default, it is usually plain, often blue, to make it easier to play folders and files saved on it. To modify it, it's very simple. Follow the guide. The easiest: put a nice picture in the wallpaper The easiest way to change what is also called "the background of the office" is to right click with your mouse on the image of your choice and select "Choose as background image".

Online petitions: where to click to get involved? Founded in 2007 by the Canadian Ricken Patel, the site is an NGO that fights for human rights and above all against climate change, corruption and poverty. Claiming 42 million supporters around the world, the site is funded by donations (less than 5,000 euros) to preserve its total independence.

Do you know how to write an email?

No, we do not take you for a ham! To ensure that your emails are well understood and especially that you answer, some rules of the art are never useless to remember ... The proof with these 10 tips of the good use of the messaging. No capital letters You write all in capital letters, in the hope that it makes reading easier.

Online retirement: simplified procedures

Good news: the Retirement Insurance website is now accessible via France Connect. Initiated as part of a plan for modernization of the state, this online authentication tool will make your life a lot easier: it should eventually allow you to connect to all the online services of the administrations by means of 'a unique identifier.

Successful photos and holiday videos

Your smartphone can make beautiful pictures or videos but your shots leave something to be desired? Here are some basic rules to not miss them and a selection of tools very simple to use to beautify your works. Our advice Framing: to immortalize a moment, in both photo and video, ban the zoom: get closer to the subject in order to have the best possible image quality.

5 tips to better use your mailbox

Sort important messages Sort the mails you want to keep to find them again! Most e-mail software offers tools for classifying your messages. For some, like Gmail, it is a question of associating your mails with the labels of your choice: "Move towards" then "Create" a label, which is a name of file, like "Children" or "Taxes".

Online Music: Deezer, instructions for use

Rock tubes, folk ballads, classical operas ... With some 35 million titles, Deezer is sure to excite any music lover. The site, also declined in application, gives free Internet access to its huge online disco, to listen to as many songs as they want from a tablet or computer.

How does the Waze GPS work?

Tired of finding yourself in traffic jams? Thanks to Waze, you have all the cards in your hands to avoid them. This special GPS app relies on its vast community of users to study traffic in real time and show you the optimal route. A concept so interesting that Google did not hesitate to spend a billion dollars in 2013 to buy this company.

Save time with the voice assistant of your phone

Not practical to use your smartphone with one hand or while walking. Fortunately, most models now offer small programs such as Siri, OK Google or Cortana, which are able to react to some basic vocal instructions ... set out clearly! With them, no need to bother to grab all your research on the small touch keyboard of your mobile.