Immerse yourself in the chic of the 50s! (Photos)

>> Discover the beautiful pictures of Lionel Kazan The name of his daughter, Alexandra, is probably more familiar than his. Yet Lionel Kazan has done a lot for the chic and pop aesthetic of the 50s and 60s. This fashion photographer is responsible for a considerable number of magazine covers, including ninety-two for Elle.

Lingerie: chic, underwear!

This winter, lingerie combines exactly what we love: comfort and glamor. 3 trends scrutinized. Winning combination We can wear it as we want. When the thermometer falls, some like to put it under their dresses to be warm with elegance. Others assure that with it, the nights are more beautiful.

This summer, put some pep in your wardrobe!

>> See the looks in pictures The beautiful days are coming and, with them, our new fashion cravings. Here are the top 5 trends for this spring-summer: The nautical look The sea wave persists again this season. Marinière, deck pants and captain's blazer are on the rise. No panoply: adopt the sailor spirit by small touches.

Fashion trend: all flowers

Exotic version or romantic trend, the plant motif sign our spring appearance. At each choice! >> Our selection of flowers in pictures Exotic foliage This season, fashion has desires elsewhere. It's no wonder that it brings to light the exotic print that, with its ferns of all kinds, its hibiscus or frangipani flowers, immerses us in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

8 easy knitting patterns for the summer

It is not because the temperatures increase that we will leave his sewing machine and his needles! Here are eight trendy models (bag, flowerpot, clothes ...) to inspire your future summer creations ... mesh or crochet. >> See our slideshow of easy knitting patterns for the summer

Incredible photos bring old Paris back to life!

>> Discover all the pictures of Paris in the 19th century! What did Paris look like in the 19th century? Photos from the past revive the capital just before and after the work of its modernization undertaken by Baron Haussmann - which give him the face we know him today. One hundred photographs by the first photographers and compiled in a beautiful book *, 1830s (where we see appearing the first daguerreotypes at the dawn of the twentieth century), these fascinating testimonies show us a city then changing.

Beautiful legs for the summer

>> In pictures, our selection to have beautiful legs in summer Because we are about to unveil them in our summer outfits, they deserve a little beauty. Our advices. We make the skin smooth Once a week, have the reflex scrub. It is essential to refine the skin texture and remove dead cells.

What sunscreen for me?

Under the sun, take targeted care to protect you from head to toe without giving up a radiant tan >> See in pictures our selection of sun protection The protections 3 in 1 No relaxation without a good sunscreen. The ideal? A complete skincare, which shields against the UVA present all year long, which penetrates in the skin and causes damage at the level of the cells.

How to wear the shirt after 50 years?

>> In pictures, the most beautiful models of shirt to wear this autumn She is the alter ego of the little black dress: an indispensable and timeless piece. Style tips to make it your own. Choosing the right model The slightly oversized cut is ideal - wispy, straight or slightly arched storyline to mark the waist - for a fashionable and casual look.

Fashion: 20 trends that will make the winter

What color, what material will we adopt in September? What accessories will make us crack? To know his fashion grammar on the fingertips, here is our dictionary of trends. To follow (or not) to the letter! >> In pictures, our trendy selection of winter A as animal The speckled coat of the leopard is printed on our coats, blouses, skirts.

Freshness, audacity, voluptuousness ... 15 perfumes for Christmas

The new fragrances have everything to make us crack. Our selection of perfumes for the end of the year holidays. The Colognes are sensual for the winter We used to use them on sunny days to fight the heat. Renowned for their freshness, originally made from medicinal plants and alcohol, they are less heady than toilet water because they are less concentrated.

Hairstyle, make-up, care ... the trends of winter

The return of the curl, the triumph of red on the lips or nails, the wave of high-tech creams ... Here is the best of the new beauty codes of winter. >> In pictures, the new beauty of the season A hair full of relief Care redensifying bluffing. This season, there is no reason to show raplapla hair.

How to wear faux fur with style?

>> In pictures, our 100% faux-fur shopping It has supplanted the true in our hearts and trustees of the stores for a few seasons. Instructions for use without fake steps. Wear the right length The pitfall when wearing (fake) fur: turn to a long coat, too lady, which will plummet the look and style.

The bangs: a blow of youth after 50 years

Look no further, we have found the universal rejuvenating trick: bangs! Sylver Boll, head of training Franck Provost, explains how to adopt it. If we love him so much, it's because the bangs have a very interesting role over 50 years. When the skin is distended and the look tends to fall, it comes into play.