Reform: the new fantasies of spelling (quiz)

Let's start by twisting the neck to some misconceptions. No, this "spelling reform" that everyone is talking about is nothing new. Engaged by the French Academy in 1990, it is registered since 2008 by the National Education. What changes? Textbooks, from the beginning of the next school year, decided by mutual agreement to mention them in their contents.

Quiz: Pass the new Highway Code

>> Have fun by testing your knowledge of this new code of the road From April, the code of the road evolves. It has even been revised from top to bottom with its 1,000 new questions (300 more than in the previous edition). On the form side, they have undergone dusting in order: they are made from photographs of real roads and other digital images of aerial views of driving situations.

Do you know Elizabeth II well?

The "God Save The Queen" have not finished resonating this Thursday, April 21 across the Channel. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday. Since September, she holds the record for longevity of reign, with 64 years on the throne of the United Kingdom. If this Thursday, the celebrations will take place in the privacy, Buckingham has planned to celebrate his birthday with great fanfare.

Do you know the meaning of these expressions?

The French language is rich in expressions that we use every day. However, sometimes we use some wrongly or their meaning is not very clear ... History to reset the counters - or rather the clocks on time, as you have surely rectified of yourself - we have selected ten very popular formulas.

Find the 5 misspelled spelling errors in this text

Well studious teenagers But what happens to our schoolchildren in Bruaysis? What fly bit them? They are usually so relaxed, so carefree even, they are plunging heartily into the books ... They leaf through thick dictionaries in the foolish hope to enrich their vocabulary ... They review, without that we ask them, the most confused rules of French grammar!