How old is my heart?

In your opinion, how old is your heart? Funny question, you'll tell me. If we know that tobacco, stress or overweight accelerate the aging of this muscle, difficult to know precisely its heart age. However, researchers have defined that of Americans, thanks to data (blood pressure, the number of cigarettes smoked, weight, presence of diabetes, etc.).

A sensor to spy on our tumors

A 2 millimeter device implanted directly into a cancerous tumor has been successfully tested in mice. Its objective: to analyze in real time the tumor, its progression or its regression, and to adapt more quickly the treatment according to the collected data. Currently, MRI remains the gold standard for tumor size.

Adopt a father, a brother, a sister ...

Solitude and its procession of suffering is one of the great evils of our time. We do not talk much about it. However, the break-up of the family unit as it has been known for the last 50 years is causing considerable collateral damage. The Fondation de France reports that 4 out of 10 French people no longer have contact with their biological family.

The obesity gene soon under control?

IRX 3 and IRX 5, it may not tell you anything, but these two genes of obesity were discovered a few years ago by British researchers. Today, scientists are going further: they have understood their mechanisms of action that an organism stores fat instead of burning it.

And now a hospital Tripadvisor

Quality care, fare, support ... after a visit to a clinic or hospital, we can now note these criteria and leave an opinion on the service in which we were treated, as we would with a restaurant or hotel. To see the opinions of health facilities around you, go to www.

Soon a universal vaccine against influenza?

A little like fashion every season, the flu virus is renewed every winter! This requires developing each year a different vaccine capable of adapting to strains in circulation. That's the reality of today. But tomorrow, we will undoubtedly benefit from a single vaccine protecting against all strains of influenza viruses.

Surf the Internet with your eyes

How to check your emails and watch videos on YouTube when you're disabled and can not use a keyboard or a mouse? By using Headpilot! Developed by Starnav, a small Norman company located in Caen, this software allows to surf online with the eyes, without any manual contact.

They create a functional kidney from stem cells

Here is new hope for people with kidney failure. Japanese researchers have succeeded in creating an artificial kidney from human stem cells. Until then, nothing extraordinary. Other scientists had already managed to do the same. But if the organs they had "manufactured" could filter the blood, they could not evacuate the urine extracted from the waste.

Sleep more to enjoy more!

It is said that appetite comes with eating. We can now add that desire and pleasure come in sleep. No, you are not dreaming, all this is very serious. According to a US study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sleeping an hour longer would have a significant impact on women's libido.

The tablet that talks to the doctor

The observance of treatments, a real headache when suffering from chronic conditions: 6 out of 10 patients do not respect the instructions of their doctor (forgetfulness, non-compliance with doses ...). Not to mention patients with mental illnesses or cognitive decline, who are sometimes unable to accurately inform specialists about taking their treatments.

We're not ready to try: sneakers to wrap

It was run in advance: the tendency to barefoot (in other words running barefoot) sees his batch of products arrive. Latest: these sneakers, the Furoshiki, inspired by a Japanese packaging process of the same name. The technique is simple: put the sole on the ground, wrap the fabric around his foot and fix everything with Velcro at the ankle.

AMD: finally an accessible treatment

Avastin, a drug usually prescribed for cancer, has been granted temporary authorization for use in the treatment of AMD, a degenerative retinal disease that occurs after 65 years. It must be said that it is also effective and costs 80 times cheaper than the Lucentis, which currently holds the monopoly, with an injection at ... 900 euros, to renew each month!

Who is ready to go out?

Books, clothes, papers ... pile up at home. The cupboards overflow with memories, objects become useless. The drawers do not close, filled to the brim with gadgets that no one has used for a long time. In the kitchen, your old Moulinex electric grinder bought in 1974 is a great ancestor alongside your state-of-the-art multifunctional robot, but it's so dear to your heart that you do not get rid of it.

Happy are the old ones!

84% More than 70 years old say they are happy, according to the Observatory of age *, published on the occasion of the world day of the elderly, on October 1st. Our elders think that happiness is learned throughout life. And even for a quarter of them, he grows up with age. How?

How big is your intelligence?

Would scientists have overestimated the supposed link between the size of our brain and our intellectual performance? A new study, coordinated by researchers at the University of Vienna, has shown that human intelligence is less related to the size of the brain than to the way it is structured.

Jumping is won

Playing hopscotch every day with grandchildren protects against fractures (in the long run at least). This is what scientists from the University of Loughborough (United Kingdom) have just shown. They studied men aged 65 to 80 (yes, they too are affected by osteoporosis) for a year.

Lift dumbbells, it muscle memory!

To maintain our brain, lifting light weights twice a week would be effective. This is the surprising result of a very serious study conducted by Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Director of the Age, Mobility and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada .

Say thanks for making the pleasure last

The "I love you", the "my darling" and all other words of love are not necessarily enough to maintain the flame in a couple. We must also know how to say thank you. This is revealed in an American study published a few days ago in the journal Personal Relationships. Researchers asked 468 married people about their financial comfort, how they communicate during a crisis, and how they express their gratitude to their spouse.

When science presses the dream button

Will it be possible one day to dream on order? We are not there yet, but researchers in American neurobiology have found in the mouse, the "button" brain to actuate to trigger dreams. In their study, they claim to have succeeded, in a few seconds, to bring the laboratory animal into paradoxical sleep and to have it out so quickly.

A little scent of Parkinson?

If the money does not smell, Parkinson's may have one. In the United Kingdom, a 65-year-old Scottish woman, Joy Milne, revealed that she had felt the smell of her husband change, long before the symptoms of degenerative neurological disease were declared. "It's hard to describe but there was a strong, slightly musky smell," she told the British press.