Linen hen cushions

As a decoration or as an outdoor cushion, these easy-to-make linen hens come to personalize the kitchen, garden or living room for a very original country atmosphere.


- raw linen fabric (Linen Sewing)
- matching thick sewing thread and plait
- padding wadding
- a bag of sand or rice
- red and black textile painting (Pébéo)
- scissors


Step 1
Enlarge and cut the templates. Post on the linen 2 times the pattern of the sides and wings and 1 time that of the belly. Cut out the pieces with 0.5 cm seam allowance.

2nd step
Apply the wings to the sides by creating a small clip and sew them to the point of overlocking, stuffing them a little. Pin and sew the belly at the sides, the A point, the middle of the B-shaped round. Layer the sides right side up and sew them from A to B, 0.5 cm from the edge. Leave an opening of 10 cm.

Step 3
Go back, place a bag of sand or rice in the bottom and fill in the filling. Close the slotted aperture. Cut an oval 6 cm long to make the ridge. Thread a strand at the center point in the center of the room, scrape the fabric, and then coat it with red paint.

Step 4
Sew the crest on the head. Paint the eye in black. Cut a strip of 20 x 6 cm into the flax, pass a strand in the middle in the length, scrape the fabric and sew it at the bottom of the back to figure the tail.

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