Not so blondes, blondes!

Obviously, no sensible person really believed in it. Why should blondes be stupider than others? Still, the cliché has hard skin. The silly blonde. The jokes of blondes. The reflections of the type "I am a little blonde me, today". Science, which sometimes likes to be interested in uninteresting issues, decided to fly to the aid of these women supposed to hide a sparrow's brain under a golden helmet. A team from Ohio University tested 100,000 Americans of all hair colors for IQ.

The result is clear: among female guinea pigs, blondes, on average, scored 103.2, against 102.7 for brunettes and 101.2 for redheads. "The blondes are more likely to be classified as geniuses than in the category of small IQ.The idea of ​​the silly blonde is a myth," say the researchers. What is silly too is to fund studies on this kind of subject. Who can seriously think that hair color determines intelligence? Especially since scientists admit of their own relative interest in a concluding conclusion of banality: "We can not say with certainty that blondes are smarter, but we certainly can not say that 'They are more silly.' The kind of sentence one could hear at the counter of a bistro.

Video: 4 Non Blondes - What's Up Official Video (January 2020).


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