On the hunt for spelling errors

5 mistakes are hidden in this excerpt, swill you find them?

Vacant, idle, softened by the summer heat, the crowd stretches along the path where the convoy has already taken its place. In the trampling mass, a child whimpers and complains that he suffocates, a man removes his cannotier of straw, and sponges his forehead while over there, over the fray, swings the clear spot of a umbrella. By whole families, they came there, pushed by the idleness, and they wander on the platform, they encumber, it is necessary to say it, they obstruct the passage that the travelers on the departure must force to reach the cars. Adam Zelle is one of those who is impatient, worried: they must not miss this train, the last of the day for Leeuwarden. He looks back at the young Margaretha walking in her wake.
- Hurry up, little one! Go ahead! Quick, give me your hand!
And, having seized the hand of his daughter, he began to split the crowd of onlookers, he played elbows, shoulders, he would play well with his cane to clear his way and remove these unwelcome, but a remnant of decency in stop. Holy day! Is there any idea, too, to embark for a round trip between Leeuwarden and Amsterdam on August 7 while all the urban villain baguenaude and goberge in public places? Yes, but August 7th is a date, a special day: today Margaretha is ten years old and Adam Zelle has promised to take her to the zoo for this anniversary. No regrets, the promise made to the beloved child, to the favorite child, was sacred, he had to keep it.
The girl, meanwhile, shares neither the worries nor the annoyance of her father: on his dazzled retina has engraved the image of the peacock she has so long admired at the zoo in the early afternoon. Margaretha had no idea that such a bird - is it a bird? - could exist.

Excerpt from "Mata Hari" by Anne Bragance, published by Belfond.


  • a man withdraws his boater straw
  • And having grasped the hand of his daughter
  • Adam Zelle had engaged to take him to the zoo
  • on his dazzled retina became engraved the image of the peacock
  • Margaretha had no idea that such a bird - is it a bird? - could to exist

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