Express and cheap, personalized Christmas balls

This year, no need to buy back new Christmas balls, paint the old ones and customize them without making headaches with some smart supplies. Masking Tape, rhinestones or pretty pads, we propose to decorate your Christmas topics in 4 versions to match them perfectly with your tree and your interior!


Ball of recovery

Acrylic paint turquoise or red collar

Mini woodflake (Artemio)

Pink stamp

Fluo pink embossing powder

Hot Embossing Gun

Rhinestones stickers (Artemio)

Glue gun

Small square punch (Artemio)

Vinyl glue

Fuchsia paper


White fine marker

Glossy varnish

Printed tissue paper (Artepatch, Artemio)

Glue varnish

Labeling machine and red ribbon (Clik Clik, Artemio)

How to do ?

With a wooden snowflake

Proceed two layers of turquoise paint on the ball. Color the flake with the ink pad and sprinkle it immediately with neon pink embossing powder. Heat with an embossing gun to fix the powder. Stick the snowflake on the ball with the glue gun and decorate it with a rhinestone.

With paper diamonds

Proceed two layers of turquoise acrylic paint on the ball. Let it dry. In fuschia paper, cut small squares using the hole punch. Glue them obliquely on the equator of the ball with vinyl glue.

With rhinestones

paint the balls in red and turquoise. Let dry and then apply a coat of gloss varnish. Sprinkle the balls with rhinestones. Decorate the round glitter, small dashes or dots with the fine marker.

With glued paper

Tear pieces of printed tissue paper. Coat the ball with glue varnish with a flat brush. Paste the paper. Apply a layer of varnish glue on top and let dry. Using the label maker, write the words Merry Christmas on red tape and stick it on it.

Creation: Julie Oginski
Texts: Sabine Laguionie

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