It-product: the duo varnish

Glittered or colored, the top coats have the rating! They pose in superposition of our fetish varnish to boost its brilliance or in nails art version on pepsy or pastel colors. Smart, this 2-in-1 with integrated brushes, brings together in one product acidulated varnish and top coat with sanded finish. We apply 2 layers of the first, before switching to the side to put the second. With its slender silhouette, the manicure becomes nomadic. We try new looks in the subway as at work, by drawing in the soft or sunny colors of this collection of 5 Vernis Duo.

The tip of the podiums: make the top coat the star of the French inverted manicure. The varnish is only visible at the level of the lunula (rounded part of the base of the nail) for a nice effect of matter.

Sun Candy Duo Nail Art, Revlon, 9,90 €.

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Video: Great Lakes Lacquer & Scofflaw Nail Varnish Duo Swatches (January 2020).


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