Sweeping: shaded or dark, what differences?

Ideal to bring reflections to the hair while maintaining a natural appearance, the sweeping seduces more and more. Resolutely trendy, it comes in shaded or sunken version.

What is a scan?

Unlike conventional coloring, which involves applying a uniform color throughout the entire hair, the scan is a partial coloring since it involves applying the dye on some wicks and not on the whole of the hair. Very widespread, this technique gives the impression of returning from vacation, it is perfect to bring nice reflections gilded and to give brightness to the hair.

Shaded, trendy and glamorous sweeping

Also called shaded hairthis technique seduces brunettes and blondes. But why such a success? First, the shaded sweep differs from conventional scanning by a progressive lightening lengths. But unlike tie & dye, the demarcation is much more subtle. The principle: to go from dark roots to light tips thanks to a degraded which clears up in a more or less contrasted way. For a natural result, opt for warm earthy tones. Conversely, for a more pronounced result, choose colors more sliced. Also note that a shaded scan is very handy because root regrowth does not no demarcations.

The sunken sweep, a sunburn on your hair

More and more practiced, the sunken sweep goes even further than the shaded in the subtlety of the color. Like a capillary sunburn, he lightens the hair without creating a demarcation between the roots and the points: it is a question of bringing shading while retaining the dark appearance of the hair. The demarcation is barely distinguishable and the two tones melt naturally to give an effect "Return from vacation to the beach". This technique can be interesting for those who want to change their color, but who are afraid to start or maybe first stage before making a more marked scan.

How to maintain my scan?

Whether you have decided to make a shaded hair or one sunken sweepit is important to maintain your color. To keep your shine, you can make a patina or gloss at the hairdresser to enhance the brightness. In addition to this, do not forget to do once a week a nutrition mask, even if your hair is not weakened, because it is essential to feed them and moisturize regularly to prevent the tips from breaking.

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