Help, I'm scarlet!

The rose easily goes to your cheeks? Focus on techniques that will help you effectively reduce transient and installed redness.

Rosacea is a common skin condition. It begins with redness on the face, favored by emotion or changes in temperature. They eventually become permanent and small vessels dilate on the cheeks and nose. But a complexion that turns to scarlet can also result from alcohol consumption, ingestion of a spicy dish or taking a drug, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or molecules used in smoking cessation (Nicorette, Nicopatch). During the menopausal period, flush signs the arrival of a hot flash. But nothing serious. On the other hand, the regular occurrence of redness for no apparent reason should lead to consulting a doctor.

Anti-hot flash acupuncture
What's this ? According to Chinese medicine, good health is based on a good circulation of vital energy, the "qi". The occurrence of hot flashes at menopause is an excessive rise in energy yang (hot, bright, active) to the upper body while at the same time, energy yin (cold, dark, calm), located at the level of the pelvis and the uterus, becomes insufficient because of the hormonal fall.
Why does it work? Soliciting certain acupuncture points helps to rebalance these two energies by retraining the yin and making the yang go down to the feet. According to an American study published in 2016 in the journal Menopause, acupuncture would reduce hot flashes by 36.7% with a significant improvement in symptoms from three sessions.
How's it going ? Accurate interrogation, tongue examination and pulse recording allow the doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment. He puts about ten needles out of four to seven distinct points during nearly twenty minutes. You may feel a slight numbness when setting up but nothing more. Count five to eight sessions, from 25 to 60 €. The recognized act is reimbursed by the health insurance on the basis of a general practitioner's consultation. Some mutuals supplement the rest. Note that in France, only a doctor can practice acupuncture.

The vascular laser against rosacea
What's this ? This technique uses light as a source of energy that crosses the epidermis and specifically targets the red blood cells of dilated vessels. It is then transformed into heat, causing the destruction of the wall of the small vessels of the face.
Why does it work? The vascular laser makes it possible to reach the vessels in depth, even those of very small caliber. The result is all the more visible and lasting. It can also target large areas: you can treat both cheeks in one session.
How's it going ? It is advisable to carry out the sessions between October and April, on an untanned skin. The act itself takes about twenty minutes. Laser treatment causes redness and small edema for 48 hours. A healing cream (Cicalfate), to be applied twice a day, speeds up the return to normal. Nevertheless, six weeks remain necessary for the skin to return to a totally unified appearance. To envisage of 80 € for the nose to 180 € the session for the two cheeks, not taken in charge by the health insurance. Depending on the importance of rosacea, it may be necessary to schedule a second session, two months later. In case of appearance of new unsightly redness, it is recommended a maintenance session per year.

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