How to refresh a bottle of champagne in 5 minutes

Misfortune ! Your guests arrive and the champagne is still not cool. Rather than panic and serve warm champagne, follow our tips to refresh it by keeping all its bubbles and aroma, in just 5 minutes!

Champagne is an exceptional wine. The controlled designation of origin (AOC) guarantees to the consumer the origin of the grapes. It has a place of choice in the wines of festivals. Rosé, dry, white of white: as many flavors as you want to give to your dishes. So, to choose it, find our tips so you do not go wrong with the purchase. Discover also the wines of vintners, who by their grape varieties of character, change the champagnes of the big brands. And to vary the champagne while keeping the bubbles, discover other sparkling wines for your holiday meal. Note that our tips for refreshing Champagne work for all the "bubbles" Of the party ! To vary the champagne, discover our selection of sparkling wines at low prices for Christmas.

At what temperature to serve champagne?

The ultimate champagne wine, champagne should be served between 8 and 10 ° C. It is drunk cool, but be careful not to forget it in the freezer. It must not be iced. The temperature must vary according to the age of your champagne: a young will be served at 8 ° C, while an older or vintage can be served at 10 ° C.

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The champagne bucket

This bucket designed for champagne, serves to present it while maintaining it at the right temperature. To garnish it, in addition to your ice cream crushed or not, add fresh water as well as coarse salt. This will speed up the cooling process because water is a better conductor than air. And that the salt water falls more in temperature than the fresh water.

The fridge

If you do not have a champagne bucket, to speed up the cooling of your bottle, you can put your champagne bottle in the fridge. For greater efficiency, wrap your bottle with a paper towel or cloth that you have moistened beforehand. So your bottle will capture even more the ambient freshness. These techniques also work for white or rosé wine.

Do not put ice cubes

No it's not a good idea! Put ice cubes in his champagne flute it's like putting water in it. Our technique to refresh it anyway: place seasonal fruits like grapes or clementine wedges in your freezer and put these frozen fruits in your flute. Thus, the fruits will bring freshness to your champagne, and you can even taste them. Lastly, if your bottle's cap is holding up, discover our trick to easily open your bottle of champagne.

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