How to cook the remains of the Easter meal?

Your Easter meal is over but you end up with a little of all the dishes on your arms. Rather than storing them in the bottom of the fridge for a few days, check out our recipe ideas to recycle your leftovers from the Easter meal.

Lamb, asparagus, grilled vegetables, you have cooked too much. Yet, there is no question of throwing away these remains. Keep them cool, we explain to you how to cook them again so as not to spoil anything.

How to cook your leftover asparagus?

Did you serve asparagus as a starter and you have a certain amount left? Do not panic. If they are still raw, do not wait to eat it, especially if they were in a sauce. In this case you can incorporate them in a salad or make a verrine. Cut them into pieces and add them in a glass (or a verrine) then top with salted whipped cream, shrimp cream or avocado (according to your wishes). You will get an original starter with your asparagus.
If your asparagus has been cooked, you can keep it fresh for two days. You can then reheat them or incorporate them in a pie or quiche. As they have already been cooked, your meal will be ready all the faster. For a little originality let yourself be tempted by our cream of asparagus, very easy to make and ready in 15 minutes.

How to cook your leftover lamb?

The lamb can be kept a few days cool after cooking. You can then eat it hot or cold. It is incorporated in salads, fried with seasonal vegetables. With semolina, chickpeas and some vegetables you can even concoct an express couscous as your meat just needs to be warmed up.
Slice your lamb menu and launch you in the process of making a Parmentier hash revisited, all you have to do is add the mashed potatoes and why not some eggplants.

If you have cooked other meats, such as rabbit or beef, by emulating or mixing them you can also cook delicious meatballs, lasagna or meat cannelloni.

Also find our three recipes to cook your left shoulder lamb.

How to cook your leftover vegetables?

Vegetables roasted in the oven or sautéed in pan fries can be reheated. You have seen a little big for your roasted potatoes, cut them into cubes and fry them in a frying pan with fresh vegetables (peas, carrots, spinach, cauliflower ...) and noodles, with a little bit of soy sauce you get a dish with Asian accents. You can also turn your leftovers into a gratin: put your vegetables in a baking dish, and add on the top a little grated cheese and cream. Or crumble some rusks with parmesan and butter to create a revisited crumble.

How to cook the leftover dessert?

For Easter chocolates it's easy. You can incorporate them into many preparations, such as chocolate cakes, grated over creams or verrines. You can also melt them with milk or a vegetable drink to create delicious hot chocolates. For cakes and other sweet preparations, you will have to devote and finish everything!

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