Jam, a new retirement supplement?

Which luxury products will we offer for the end of 2015? Jams and compotes. The Fiac (Federation of the preserved food industries) announces, indeed, that the prices of these favorite foods of our breakfasts and our snacks, risk to increase strongly over the next months. The fault of the heat wave that hit the orchards of Europe this summer. Red fruit jams are expected to be the most affected, especially those made with raspberries and cherries, which are mostly imported from Poland and Serbia. In these countries, the lack of water caused a drop in production of 65% and pushed up prices by 25%.

On the yellow fruit side, inflation is more modest: we expect a 10% increase in peaches and apricots. But it is on the apple that all the worries are concentrated. The French apple is so popular abroad that it has become rare at home, and therefore expensive: manufacturers expect a price increase of 20 to 50%. But if St Mamet, Andros and Bonne Maman are gray mine, the good cooks who transformed the fruits of their gardens into sweet nectars this summer have something to celebrate. This is the time to run the markets and specialty shops to sell their pretty homemade jars at the price of caviar or foie gras.

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