Kaporal buys and recycles your jeans to make new denim pieces

Bring old jeans in store and leave with another brand new that you have paid less, it tempts you?

It is the clever and very tempting concept of the eco-responsible operation "Kaporal Redeemer and Recycle Your JeanNot all new but not yet known to all denim enthusiasts, this initiative signed Kaporal invites you to report your jeans used and branded from all brands - that's really the good news! - in one of the Kaporal outlets participating in the operation. That's the "eco responsible" part of your addictive shopping point of view. In exchange for this green harvest, the store offers you in exchange a voucher of 20 € for the purchase price of a model of the brand in the shop. What you to offer a nice trendy jeans or crack for a new cut of your denim at a reduced price! This is the real good plan of the operation.

So it's always time to sort out the jeans with holes in the wrong place, the models in which we do not fit in, the ones we got tired of ...

And if you were wondering where the end of your beloved jeans trade with no regrets against a beautiful promotion, know that these last ones offer themselves a new life thanks to the workshop of insertion 13 A'tipik, a collective of creators which proposes a capsule collection made in Marseille and made entirely from your recycled jeans. To discover in late September, limited edition in Kaporal shops.
Do not wait any longer for a green step in the world of denim by Kaporal!

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