The Public Senate Law Game (video)

The law makes you yawn? It is certain that if you try to furnish your free time by infusing you the penal code, you risk to quickly nose down. Yet, as they say, no one is supposed to ignore the law. The Public Senate channel (no, do not go! You'll see it's funny) has launched a small short program called The Mad History of Laws. The idea, to tell on the tone of the humor the origin and the evolution of the French legislation. Not easy in principle, but it works.

Adultery, death penalty, offense to the Head of State, debts ... it is the Dalloz having fun. One laughs frankly while watching these skits with the funny writing and the staging voluntarily zany interpreted by a very verve comedian. Did you know that in the nineteenth century, the offense of adultery, which applied only to wives, was punishable by two years in prison? Or in the Middle Ages, a creditor could imprison his debtor at home under the regime of coercion? Beyond the anecdote, The Mad History of Laws to better understand the spirit of our legislation. And, by the way, to congratulate oneself for living in our time.

The Mad History of Laws, every Tuesday at 22:55 on Public Senate.

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