Change mobile operator, it's easy!

Faced with the many offers that are offered by the operators, always more competitive, it can be tempting to change his subscription to enjoy more benefits or simply to save on his package. Choosing a new operator is easy if you follow some important steps. First, you need to know your real needs. Then compare the offers of competitors to make sure that the options chosen are really more advantageous. You also need to know if you want to take the opportunity to change your smartphone, if you plan to buy one elsewhere or if you prefer to continue using yours.

Keep your phone numberThen the change as such begins. The most common and practical option is to port your number to the new operator. This one then takes care of canceling your subscription and recovering your number, in order to preserve it. This choice is more than recommended, because you will not have to inform all your contacts of the modification and your line will not be interrupted. To set up the procedure, the new operator needs your RIO code, which you can get by simply calling 3179 with the device containing the SIM card you want to replace.

Change your operator at the right timeThis is an important point. Look at your current contract because if you are engaged for a few more months, the termination fee can be significant. Thanks to the Chatel law, it is now possible to benefit from more advantageous conditions for long-term commitment contracts, but the best situation is to make the change when your contract expires. Last tip, remember to terminate your contract or achieve portability ten days before the end of the current month, to prevent your operator does not charge you a new month package!

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