Computer: fix the little bugs of everyday life

Minor malfunctions frequently affect our computers. Here are some tips that can often solve them.

If a software stops responding to commands"Go to the task manager, select the relevant program and then click on End of task button," advises Anthony Vasseur, Department Sales Manager Fnac-Darty Group. On a Mac, choose "Force Quit" in the Apple menu (the apple icon). Select the program in the window that appears and click "Force to quit". In both cases, then try to reopen the software.

In case of connection problems
You can no longer consult the Internet? Check that one of the cables in your box has not disconnected. In the settings of your computer, also check that the function used (Ethernet or wifi) is activated. If you use wifi, make sure the selected network is the right one. Your pages load very slowly? Your network may experience too many simultaneous requests (download, streaming, etc.). The location of the box can also play on the quality of the wifi: make sure that it is close to the computer and that there are no obstacles (wall, etc.) between them.

If the computer stops responding to commands
Try to turn it off. If the traditional procedure does not work, force the shutdown by pressing the Power button for 4 to 10 seconds (the time varies depending on the computer model). Once the device is off, wait a while and then restart it.

If these three tips do not solve the problem (or if it reproduces very frequently), other manipulations can be attempted but they require know-how. If you miss it, seek the advice of an informed loved one or a professional.

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