Video: The first pictures of the baby panda of Beauval

Born on August 4th, mini Yuan Zi grew up well. We fall in love with his few grams of cuteness.

Called Mini Yuan Zi (named after his dad), the little male was 143 grams at birth. His twin, born a few minutes before, was too weak to survive, despite the care provided by the team of caretakers and veterinarians, who follow 24 / 24h and 7 / 7d this exceptional birth.

The baby panda weighs more than 500 grams, and has a start of coat black and white characteristic of its species.

His mom, Huan Huan, discover with him motherhood. If the little head as much as he wants, he must still make some stays in incubator to maintain his body temperature, because his mom does not cover him enough ...

National event, this baby panda has for godmother the first lady, Brigitte Macron herself ! To know his real name, it is necessary to wait for a official ceremony with China, which should be held in a few months.

Highly protected species, giant pandas have great difficulties to reproduce. In the wild, he usually lives alone. The heat period of the female does not last more than 48 hours ... per year! And males are very little inclined to mating. This is why zoos resort to artificial insemination. And that's how was designed Mini Yuan Zi.

Photos: Beauval Zoo

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