Sex is even better in the morning!

Sometimes a change in sexual tempo can be particularly beneficial to boost our libido. Let's go from nocturnal galipettes to morning hugs and see our energy boost!

Until then, we have never been a lover of dawn! For us, it is rather the evening when we find ourselves with our spouse in the intimacy of the bed, after a day to go to our occupations, each one of his side. On waking, we do not really feel at the top of our capital seduction, the mine chafouine and pasty mouth. And if, overcoming our little reticence, we tested love at a time when the campaign is white? We could well derive some serious benefits ...

Yes to the little help of natureWho says morning, says physiological and automatic erection in our companion, if not every day, at least several times a week. A few years ago, such an argument would have left us indifferent. Today, it affects us more. "With age, male erection becomes more random, in spite of desire.To take advantage of the one that appears on waking, reliable and generally solid, can be judicious.Port it with happiness, without doing the fine mouth, without saying that it "is worth" less than another because we have not directly caused ", notes Valerie Cordonnier, sexologist. Comforted by this morning courage which he knows he can count on, our man will certainly be in full possession of his means. Let us prepare for "triumphant mornings" to use the expression of Victor Hugo!

Body and mind in tuneWhile we are barely awake, still half in the arms of Morpheus, our brain is in slack mode. "This semi-conscious state protects us from negative ruminations - I really got fat, I have sagging breasts - which often bother us to make love.Our brain, cleaned from the stress of the previous day by sleep, has not yet reconnected to the worries of everyday life.The conditions are optimal for a total letting go-favorable to pleasure, "says the sexologist. At the end of a restful night, our body is rested, free from the tiredness of the day before. The early morning light ensures a subdued atmosphere, conducive and flattering. What more can you do to take action?

Get on your feet to get off to a good start
Taste pleasure in the morning when you wake up, it's the certainty of getting up on the right foot and being in a good mood for the rest of the day. "During love, our brain releases endorphins and dopamine, and we are literally" laden "into positive hormones for the next few hours, especially since our breathing and heart rate accelerate during the act of love. Let's improve the oxygenation of all our organs, especially the brain, an excellent way to wake them up and make them perform as quickly as possible, "she says. The icing on the cake, our morning idiots should put us in a situation of success. "When we have just made love, we show better insurance, we feel more attractive, so the others look at us admiringly, which creates a virtuous and narcissistic spiral," insists the sexologist.

Make rhyme speed and voluptuousness
We know that morning sex is often a furtive recreational break because our daytime activities are waiting for us. And precisely, it can take away the pressure: our spouse does not expect that we do the dance of the seven sails, we hesitate less to launch. "We are sure we have not left for half an hour of preliminaries, and we also know that this short session will allow us to skip practices that we may be less in love with. go straight to simple positions - the missionary, the spoon - which we know works well for our couple.It is sex without making head! ", says Valérie Cordonnier. If we are going through a period where our libido is quirky, the morning sex can help us to maintain an active sex life, at a lower cost but certainly not with less pleasure.

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