How to choose your bag after 50 years?

Essential accessory, it can give a fresh blow to the pace. Our advice to buy the one you need!

At every moment of the day, its ideal bag
For a busy day, we prefer the medium size bags, bowling bag type, double worn (with handles and shoulder strap): enough stuff necessary and superfluous. For escapades, cap on the wallet, timeless style, leaving your hands free. The structured bucket bag is a chic companion. Finally, in the evening, it is the pocket (with chains) which one recommends to give style.

Worn or slung?
For an alert, dynamic look, long live the shoulder bag. Practical, it frees the hands, allows to move with ease. For a touch of elegance and modernity, metal chain shoulder straps are welcome.
Fan bags hand-carried? They do not age necessarily: it is more a question of style and choice of the bag than of age. In general, it is better to leave the bags too classic or too masculine, for models at the pace less strict. False hand-carried are a good compromise: the handle gives style but it is worn over the shoulder.

Branded bag or trendy models: do not forbid yourself
Micro-bag, purse bag ... we dare! It's all about having fun. If the bag is fitting with your style, your activities and your needs, then there is no mistake. As for the sewing bag, it can be a timeless and chic accessory. Be careful, however, the imposing logos and flashy curtains, which give a stroke of old past fifty.

Every season, the right color
In winter, we favor more a pretty plum, an emerald green, a blue duck, more nuanced than the classic black, while remaining very elegant. In summer, we will run on models nude or navy blue, very chic and feminine. The red also gives a nice boost to the silhouette.

The missteps
Backpacks, maxi fringes and girly prints are to be banned in their fifties. Just like the "retro" models that can be very trendy, but on a classic look, age more.

Thanks to Nathalie and Ninny, creators of the brand Nat & Nin.

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