A link between migraine with aura and stroke

Links between headache and certain cardiovascular diseases have already been made in the past. A new study, published in the journal Neurology, shows this time that the migraine called "with aura" would increase, too, the risk of a cardio-embolic stroke. This type of stroke, usually severe, is the result of cardiac embolism. These brain infarctions account for about one fifth of strokes.

US scientists have analyzed the medical records of nearly 12,000 patients aged 45 to 64 with a history of stroke or atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder that promotes clot formation. Among them, they found a greater proportion of migraine sufferers with visual aura. They needed no less to establish a link between atrial fibrillation, which is known to cause a stroke, and headaches that cause visual disturbances (dazzling bright spots, blurred vision ...)

It is estimated that 12 million French people are migraine sufferers, or one in five people. Migraine with aura accounts for about 20% of seizures and is characterized by transient visual neurological signs that usually precede headache.

Video: A migraine with aura and a stroke have similar symptoms? When should you be concerned? (January 2020).


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