Divorce: "international" couples could choose the law that applies

Brussels will propose on March 24 a settlement that allows the so-called "international" couples wishing to divorce to choose the country whose law applies to the judgment. These unions between two people of different nationalities represent about 140,000 couples in the European Union.

When two persons of nationality are married but finally wish to divorce, "they must know what right the competent court will apply to their divorce", explains the European Commission. It may be that one of the two parties has significant financial means to pay for travel expenses to travel to another country and obtain a favorable outcome.
"The hasty proposal therefore aims to protect the weaker spouses to prevent them from being disadvantaged in the divorce proceedings," said Brussels. To be applied, nine EU Member States must participate in this "enhanced cooperation procedure". "The other Member States will be free to join when they wish," warns the Commission.

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