Warranty extensions? Often superfluous!

"And with your computer, you take our warranty extension?" These assurances, offered on most websites and insistently store (Boulanger, Purpose, Carrefour, Conforama, Darty, Fnac ...), we promise extend the guarantee of our purchases from one to three years. But are they really worth it? Answer: almost never!

Firstly because they are expensive: take this Bosch washing machine at € 349, you have to pay € 119.90 to protect it at Darty against breakdowns for five years (34% of the price) or € 59 on Amazon (protection for three years). For a similar price, an independent repairer can often fix the breakage. "Another problem, most wear breakdowns occur after five years: these assurances cover a marginal risk," condemns Benjamin Douriez, 60 Million Consumers.

This is why they are very profitable for the distributors, who exercise on their salesmen a maximum pressure to sell them. Result? "They sometimes lie by omission - they do not say, for example, that a broken glass table will only be exchanged if the metal feet break, not if it's the broken glass table - and often, they do not inform the customer of the existence of the legal guarantee which already protects it ", regrets Benjamin Douriez.

After any purchase, you are protected for two years by the legal guarantee, called "compliance", free. In case of breakdown or malfunction that does not allow normal use, the device must be repaired or exchanged free of charge by the distributor. If you really want to take out the extended warranty, scan the contract: exclusions are often numerous.

Also check that the manufacturer does not already provide for an improved warranty (some brands, like Dyson, cover beyond the minimum two years). Finally, if you have subscribed too quickly an extension of warranty on the Internet, remember that you have 14 days to retract. In store, we can not unfortunately go back on its decision.

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