Password: the golden rules not to be hacked

Are you sure your online bank account is well protected? Before using it to book your train tickets or hotel, it may be helpful to change your password. The company Keeper Security has just revealed the list of the most used passwords. One finds there very ordinary formulas like sequences of figures (123456, 123456789, 123123 ...), common words like google or password, or even suites of letters on the keyboard (like azerty, qwerty ...).

Do you know Baddie Winkle, the mamy doll of the Web?

On Instagram, it has 1.9 million subscribers. Much more than the young singer Louane or the Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard. She parades in short and colorful outfits that a teenager over 15 years old would hardly dare to put on. She's Baddie Winkle. She is 87 years old and does not do anything like other grandmothers.

Yawning, a story of empathy ...

I yawn, yawn and we normally gag! Because there is indeed a contagion effect. It is enough that in a group, one of the people present opens his mouth, emitting this little characteristic noise at the expiration, so that his neighbor, his neighbor, even the whole assembly goes from his yawn!

Wear pants well after 50 years

Once again this summer, the pants suit is popular, more than ever we appreciate the simplicity of its use. It slips on in less time than it takes to say and slips easily into the suitcase of summer. She follows us all day long with the style of the office in the theater, provided you choose it carefully and twister it with the appropriate accessories.

Which sun protection to choose after 50 years?

Whether you are sleeping in town or at the beach, our guide to find the sunscreen you need and especially make good use of it. Mineral screens or chemical filters, what difference? Chemical filters are large molecules that absorb UV rays. Once they have done their job, they lose their effectiveness, that's why you have to put cream.